Flabs or Abs?

Now let’s be real for just a minute.

Unlike every other blog that advertises with “10 minute abs!” I’m going to be straight and stay that it is going to take a lot more than doing 100 crunches to go a real abs. You are more than welcome to believe those bloggers though, but instead your 6-pack will look like this:

Instead of attracting the opposite sex, it will be sending them in the opposite direction. But don’t get me wrong, getting abs isn’t all that hard you just have to be dedicated. Doing the “10 minute abs!” can provide you with positive results if you just double the time and try doing it as often as possible. I know most of your lives are extremely busy so it’s okay to spreads out the 20 minutes throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night try doing as many crunches as you can and once it starts to burn so bad that you feel like you can’t do another one, do ten more.

It’s also smart to incorporate other ab exercises throughout the day such as doing pull-ups and using a medicine ball. I personally love using the a medicine ball because it keeps the workout exciting and they are fun to do with a friend. Below are some really good ab exercises but there are plenty more out there and I encourage you to try them all!

Medicine-Ball Sit-up:  Grab a medicine ball with both hands and lie down on your back. Bend your knees 90 degrees, place your feet flat on the floor while holding the medicine ball against your chest. Now perform a classic sit-up the lower it back to the start. That’s 1 repetition.

Diagonal Crunch:  Take a medicine ball and lie on the floor with your legs straight and spread wide. Roll onto your left hip and hold the ball with your arms straight at above your head. Then sit up and touch the ball to your left foot, go back down and then come up again touching your right foot this time.  That’s 1 repetition. Repeat, alternating back and forth in this manner.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rocky Solo: Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, and hold a medicine ball with both hands just above your lap.  Twist your torso to the right and place the ball behind you, then twist all the way to your left and pick the ball up and bring it back to the starting position. That’s 1 repetition, but be sure to do the same amount of sets on each side.

Toe Touch:  Lie on your back with a medicine ball and raise your legs so they’re straight up, perpendicular to the floor. Hold the ball above the top of your head with your arms straight.  Simultaneously lift your arms and torso until the ball touches your toes without moving your legs or bending your elbows. Lower yourself back to the starting position. That’s 1 repetition.


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