Music, Friend or Foe?

Nearly all runners exercise with their headphones, engulfed in music which they believe assists them have a more intense workout. The big question is, are they correct in assuming that their booming tunes have a positive impact on their performance? Many find running with headphones annoying and may not see a vast improvement in their performance, but are they false to exclude this potential useful tool from their routine?


According to recent research, well-chosen tunes at the right time can aid performance and recovery by up to 10% WITH an  expert playlist. Music is definitely a powerful tool that can provide a competitive advantage with any sport, at any level, for any gender. The key to constructing a playlist that with improved, rather than kill your workout is choosing the right tempo of songs at the right time. Slow, inspirational tracks should be played the day before a match or a game. High pace anthems are to be played right before the game starts.


Playing the music in this order helps to establish routine and help you mentally prepare.  When your body hears the upbeat music, it will start to get ready for a vigorous workout because it recognizes that every time high-pace tunes are played, your body must work intensely. After all, humans are creatures of habit.  It is also important that all the music on your playlist is positive, depressing songs will only worsen your workout for obvious reasons. Listening to music that is has a personal meaning is even a more powerful mechanism to help boost your workout.



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