The Triple S Workout


Sand is truly a magical asset to any workout that unfortunately is rarely used.  It is a much more intense workout than just running on concrete and helps you burn more calories. There are numerous more benefits of running in the sand as well as a few negative aspects so I’ve made a chart to better prove my point.



Less stress on your knees

A view of your usual, daily life.  Trees, houses, cars

An amazing view of the ocean, lake or river

Less prone to get a strain

Burn more calories

Forces you to only use major muscles, not providing any long time benefits regarding the prevention of injuries

Forces the smaller stabilizing muscles in the knees, ankles, and feet to work harder, strengthening them over time which will help prevent injuries.

Expends 1 ½ times more energy

More likely to get shin-splints

Easily accessible

Not available in all areas

Harder running surface


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