Resistance Band Exercises

Glute Bridge:

Wrap a band around your legs right above your knees and lie down on your back with your feet on the floor, knees bent 90 degrees. Rise up until your shoulders, hips and knees align, contracting your glutes through the entire movement. Slowly lower down and then rise up again, repeat 15-25 times.

Front Curl and Press:

Hold both ends of the band evenly and place your left foot on the middle. Lunge only your right leg forward keeping your left leg straight. Place your arms out in front of your chest, with your elbows slightly bent and palms facing up, parallel to the ground. Lower your arms back in by your sides. That’s one rep, repeat 10 times on each leg.

Resisted Push-Up:

Get into push-up potion and drape the band and drape the band over your back and wrap the ends of the band on each thumb.  Now proceed to completing 10-30 reps depending on your strength.


Booty Boost:

Step onto the band with feet shoulder-width apart and loop the band over the back of your neck neck. Grab the band at chest height, elbows bent. Push your hips back and slowly bend forward, be sure to keep your back straight and knees soft. Repeat 12 times.


Stand on a the band with your feet slightly wider than you shoulders.  Hold each end of the band in your hands and sit straight down as if in a chair.  Return to starting position and complete 5-15 reps.


Box Squat:

Place both feet on the center of the band, shoulder-width apart while holding each end of the band in your hands with your elbows slightly bent. As you squat, extend your arms overhead keeping your elbows slightly bent. Return to starting position and complete 15-25 reps.

Standing Bicep Curl:

Stand shoulder-width apart holding each end of the band in your hands while standing over the middle of the band.  Starting with your arms at your sides, pull your hands up to your shoulders by bending your elbow.  Lower your hands down slowly and repeat about 13 times.



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