Will Skipping Breakfast Really Make you Fat?


The importance of eating a healthy breakfast every morning is nutrition gospel.  Everyone “knows” that eating a morning meal will help you stay lean and that skipping one could have the opposite effect.

But is what everybody knows actually the truth?

Most research regarding the effect of breakfast on the body shows that breakfast eaters tend to be leaner than those who skip their morning meal.  However, there is a large amount of scientific research which doesn’t actually prove exactly what people think it does.


Science is what nearly all of us rely on when validating facts, but it can sometimes be fallible.  Scientists’ research can be influenced by their own deeply rooted assumptions, what’s trendy in their field, getting published, and worrying about where their next research dollars are coming from.

Even though we view scientific progress to be distant from inter-social daily life, it truly isn’t.  Scientists sometimes mess up when interpreting the results of studies which can lead to biased reporting and faulty recommendations.

For example, breakfast.

While numerous studies may appear to demonstrate that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there has actually never been a properly randomized study that proves that skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain.

So despite what our parents, personal trainers, and favorite fitness magazines may say, a healthy breakfast may not contain all of the benefits we believed it provided.breakfast-word-cloud-Austin-Food-Trailers1


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