The Truth About Gluten

Lately many grocery stores have been stocking their shelves with gluten free alternatives to nearly every kind food.  This is a result of the widely spreading gluten free diet.  Millions around the world have either completely eliminated gluten from their diet, or have greatly reduced the amount they consume each day.

The reason for this change in diet is actually quite simple.  Many people are reducing their gluten consumption because they have celiac disease; when gluten causes inflammation in the small intestine of those with this illness.  Most people with this disease go their whole lives without even noticing it because in most cases the inflammation is minor, but in fact 70-80% of the population has some form of gluten sensitivity and most likely that includes you.

There are various studies that claim terminal diseases come from the consumption from gluten but the source of many of these trials is unreliable so the credibility of those claims isn’t strong.  Most people react to gluten in a more mild form such as stomach pains, acne, and binge eating.


After a meal full of carbs and grains, gluten usually upsets our stomach.  Most have felt this discomfort for years so it has become unnoticeable, however, if the person was to stop eating gluten, he or she would feel much better.  My father, like most people, had some form of gluten in every meal of the day and would often get stomach aches but would never think much of it.  After hearing about the gluten free diet, he decided to  try it out.  My dad immediately began to feel the difference and was always much more energetic, not to mention he lost 10 pounds without even trying.  Sometimes it is hard for people to digest gluten, similar to those who are lactose intolerant, and eliminating gluten from their diet can give them a whole new boost of energy.  After my dad’s success with the diet, I began to ask around to see if others have similar success stories and while only a meager few have tried the diet, all of them expressed wonderful results.

The effects of gluten can be apparent us on our skin through those persistent pimples.  Carbohydrates are acne’s main food source and they thrive on the sugar in foods like bread, cookies, chocolate, and pasta.  When topicals and pills can’t seem to get rid of acne, many people try a low carb and low sugar diet before turning to a more extreme approach like Accutane.  A local doctor, Dr. Reddy, has numerous patients who have had marvelous results by eliminating gluten from their everyday diets.  Even those who don’t have acne notice a certain glow to their face.

Refinery29 has examples of many people who have had success with going gluten free:

imageimage (2)

I know that there are too many types of diet to count, all promising spectacular results but always much harder than expected.  The Atkins diet promises that you can eat as much food as you desire, but no carbs whatsoever, and lose weith instantly.  Know I myself, along with many others, have given this particular diet a try but it is so much harder than it looks.  Carbs are in so many foods and when certain fruits and vegies are even prohibited it seems impossible and I can only stick with it for a week or so.  Instead, I propose a much more mild form that will not only help you shed a few extra pounds but, will also provide numerous health benefits.  The best part is, I can explain it in just two words:


Notice I didn’t say “no  carbs” because that is extremely difficult but you just need to reduce the amount you consume each day because you will therefore reduce the amount of wheat that you consume and therefore the amount of gluten.  It’s sometimes difficult to figure out which foods contain gluten but nearly all foods with carbohydrates,  besides fruits and vegetables, have gluten.  Not all food lables say whether or not gluten is in the food but the amount of carbs is always listed.



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