I Bet You Can’t…

…lie in Superman position, with your knees and arms off the ground, for 2 minutes (time may vary depending of fitness level)


…bring your leg around your neck


…eat pudding out of a mayonnaise jar in public



I Bet you Can’t…

…Carry your friend on your back and walk 50 yards.  Stay on the balls of your feet and don’t touch your heels to the ground.


…Well, bend like this:

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I Bet You Can’t…

…Stand in the three-leg dog position and do 20 push ups.  Don’t forget to switch legs!

…Sit like the women in the picture below for ten minutes.  Keep your elbows up!

…Sit on a chair with your right leg out and rotate it clockwise, then using your right arm try to draw a figure 6 in the air

I Bet you Can’t…

Hold your arms up in the air, elbows locked, in a V position for 5 minutes. (P.S. Don’t forget to breathe…deeply)

Bunny hop 50-yards remaining in a low squat position the entire time. Have your hands between your legs nearly touching the floor like a bunny and stay on your toes!

And just for fun, I bet you can’t sneeze with your eyes open!