I Bet You Can’t…

…Stand in the three-leg dog position and do 20 push ups.  Don’t forget to switch legs!

…Sit like the women in the picture below for ten minutes.  Keep your elbows up!

…Sit on a chair with your right leg out and rotate it clockwise, then using your right arm try to draw a figure 6 in the air

Stop Complaining and Start Running


Being active is key to maintaining a healthy life style and is truly quite simple to do.  Even though it may be tough for us to take 30 minutes to an hour out of our busy day to work out, there is always a way to make time.  Unfortunately, for most of us this free time won’t just magically appear, we have to work hard to arrange for a free slot in our day to exercise, but it is up to US to make it happen; putting it off until tomorrow or complaining we’re too busy to workout isn’t helping us at all.  In order to remain fit, we don’t need any fancy equipment or any special gear, just an optimistic attitude and a pair of sneakers will get the job done.

Here are some quick and simple workout suggestions that should easily fit into your tight schedule

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