Music, Friend or Foe?

Nearly all runners exercise with their headphones, engulfed in music which they believe assists them have a more intense workout. The big question is, are they correct in assuming that their booming tunes have a positive impact on their performance? Many find running with headphones annoying and may not see a vast improvement in their performance, but are they false to exclude this potential useful tool from their routine?


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Tackie Tennies


What is the one piece of workout gear most crucial to your exercise? Is it your water bottle? How about your iPod or mp3 player? Maybe your clothes: shirts, shorts, sport bras? WRONG! The most important piece of equipment for nearly any kind of exercise is the perfect pair of shoes. ¬†They can make or break your workout and it’s extremely easy to wear the wrong pair of shoes.

Here are four major shoe mistakes people make.

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