Can you “Sweat” off the Pounds?

Hot and sunny or cold and cloudy, either way, it won’t be difficult to find one person running in a full sweat-suit and the next person wearing shorts and a tank top. The reason for such variance in apparel is typically associated with the claim, “sweating more when running burns more calories.”

Proven Fact:

Running in warm cloths yields a greater weight loss

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Lace and Pace


Believe it or not, their is actually a proper way to tie your running shoes, and it’s likely that you’re one of they many who is losing time on races because you wore your shoes incorrectly.  On a daily basis, most of us slip on our shoes, tighten them up, and then use “bunny ears” to make a nice little knot.  However, tying your sneakers this way will cost you valuable time in a race and isn’t very comfortable on a day-to-day basis.  The normal way to tie shoes that you were taught as a child, partially restricts blood flow to the feet and then back again to the heart.  Most people pull the laces taut to ensure that the shoes don’t slip, partially impeding blood flow.  

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The Triple S Workout


Sand is truly a magical asset to any workout that unfortunately is rarely used.  It is a much more intense workout than just running on concrete and helps you burn more calories. There are numerous more benefits of running in the sand as well as a few negative aspects so I’ve made a chart to better prove my point.

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