About Me

Hi, my name is Natalie and I live, breath, eat, and sleep running! I compete in track and field at my high school and have played countless sports, including soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, swim, and volleyball.  I truly believe that all people are capable of doing absolutely anything if they set their mind to it and are willing to put in the hard work.  In this blog I will be sharing my perspective on how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and hopefully can share all of my experience with you.  Even though i’m still in my teens, I have acquired nearly all of the basic knowledge necessary to live an active lifestyle and any subject that i am not able to go in depth on by just using my own brain, I take the time no look at dozens of websites to pick out the most important information and share it with you.

Remember that WE choose who WE are and making excuses for our weight or level of fitness isn’t going to do anything productive for us.  Instead, WE need to take the initiative now, not later, and begin living a fresh and colorful life.

Be sure to check out the weekly challenges, those are always a simple and easy first step to regaining a fit and healthy body, built to survive anything.

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