Can you “Sweat” off the Pounds?

Hot and sunny or cold and cloudy, either way, it won’t be difficult to find one person running in a full sweat-suit and the next person wearing shorts and a tank top. The reason for such variance in apparel is typically associated with the claim, “sweating more when running burns more calories.”

Proven Fact:

Running in warm cloths yields a greater weight loss

Proven Fact:

The weight lost is only water weight and will immediately come back after drinking water

Put simply, wearing more clothes while working out increases perspiration and therefore results in short term weight loss because your body is getting rid of water weight, not fat. This technique is common for wrestlers who are trying to make a certain weight for competition, but it’s not a highly recommended approach because it can lead to electrolyte imbalance in the blood and extreme dehydration.

So show off your amazing body and wear whatever makes you most comfortable because no matter what you have on, the effort you put into your work out is ultimately what will determine how much weight you lose.


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