I Bet you Can’t…

Hold your arms up in the air, elbows locked, in a V position for 5 minutes. (P.S. Don’t forget to breathe…deeply)

Bunny hop 50-yards remaining in a low squat position the entire time. Have your hands between your legs nearly touching the floor like a bunny and stay on your toes!

And just for fun, I bet you can’t sneeze with your eyes open!


Music, Friend or Foe?

Nearly all runners exercise with their headphones, engulfed in music which they believe assists them have a more intense workout. The big question is, are they correct in assuming that their booming tunes have a positive impact on their performance? Many find running with headphones annoying and may not see a vast improvement in their performance, but are they false to exclude this potential useful tool from their routine?


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Four Reasons to get off the Couch

The Benefits of Being Active

Why be active? Many people have various motives for working out. Some people want to lose weight, others wish to free their mind, and the majority of people who are regularly active do it for pure pleasure.

If you are struggling to discover a reason to get up and exercise, here are a few of the countless benefits of living an active life.

Improves mood:

Yes, there is such a thing as a “runners high” as a result from shifting into high intensity mode and including sprint bursts through interval training. After a hard workout, your body will feel more relaxed and happier due to various brain chemicals.

Enhances learning:

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